What’s the best dental floss?

We have all heard from our moms and our dentists that it is important to floss daily. In 2008 a survey sponsored by the American Dental Association stated that only half of American adults claim to floss at least once a day, and one in 10 say they never floss. Flossing is an extremely important part of your daily hygiene routine and can greatly benefit the overall health of your mouth. With so many different types of flosses out there though, how do you know which kind to buy? Although every mouth is different, we have made a list of a few important points to keep in mind the next time you are wondering which type of floss to buy. Keep reading to find out!

Nylon instead of wax floss – Wax floss is more likely to either break or fray in your mouth, which is why we recommend that you use nylon instead of wax floss. Some people simply like wax better, and that’s okay; but if you are among the many people who do not like feeling strands in their mouth after flossing, we suggest you use nylon floss.

Gum-expanding floss – Some floss appears to be larger but has a very soft texture. Although when you first see it, it looks larger than most flosses, it becomes very thin when you pull on either end. This is a great option!

Spongy floss – If you have braces or bridges, spongy floss is a great option for you. This floss is great because it is more flexible, which makes it easier to navigate around the various dental objects in your mouth.

Prepared mini flosser – Almost everyone has seen these small flossers that don’t require any set up. That’s their benefit. You simply grab one out of out the bag, floss with it, and throw it out. It’s extremely simple. This is great for people who cannot seem to find the time to floss regularly.

Multifloss – This type of floss offers 3 different types of floss in one product. It has a stiff end, a flossy end, and a spongy end. It is great if you have different sized gaps between teeth.

We give anyone who wants to floss a big high five. Still, it’s important to be aware that the type of floss you choose could hinder the results of your flossing. Every mouth is different, so grab a few different types of floss to try and see which one feels better for your mouth. If you would like any further recommendation, give us a call!

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