What are dental crowns?

Many people don’t have smiles they are proud of, and that is a shame. All people should be happy to show off their smiles, but most are not proud of their teeth.

Many people have broken teeth. Decay can eat away at teeth, sometimes until there is almost nothing left of the originals. Also, sometimes your gums may become sore and inflamed to the point that they can’t hold your teeth in quite as well. You may easily lose teeth then.

For these reasons, dentists use crowns, which are artificial teeth. These teeth are made out of plastic and are made to look natural. They can be made in many shades of white so that they can match your teeth. They are also made to be the same shape and size as your original teeth.

Crowns can cover up bad teeth, or they can be used in the spaces where your teeth used to be.
You may wonder if crowns will fall out easily. However, they are very strong because of the way they are placed in your mouth. We can cement a crown right onto your broken tooth. If you have lost a tooth, we place implants in your gums, which act as new roots for your crown.

Crowns are so strong that you can continue to eat and drink whatever you want. You won’t have to deal with any restrictions in your daily life, though you may want to wear a mouthgauard when you are playing sports!

Crowns can give you the smile you’ve always wanted, so don’t hesitate to contact us today at (425) 337-1000 if you have any questions about crowns.

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