The Connection Between Your Mouth and Your Heart

Here at All Family Dental Care we know that the health of your mouth is connected to the overall health of your body. The state of your mouth can speak volumes about the health of your body and serves as a vantage point for early diagnosis of disease.

Doctors can see early signs and symptoms of systemic diseases like diabetes, AIDS, and autoimmune disorders through lesions in the mouth. They can also evaluate your risk through saliva analysis.

Current research has shown a significant connection between your oral health and heart health. Patients with periodontal gum disease are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular heart disease and complications.

Inflammation, which causes swelling, is proven to lead to hardened arteries, putting you at greater risk for heart attack and stroke. Bacteria and other toxins spreading below the gum line can cause infection that can then lead to heart problems.

Your gums are full of blood vessels, and your mouth is full of bacteria. If you disrupt the gum layer, you’re going to get bacteria in your bloodstream, which can then travel anywhere in the body and trigger inflammation that causes disease and damage to the blood vessels, including the heart.

Eliminating dental plaque could potentially be an important step in preventing periodontitis and coronary artery disease. Our office wants to save both your teeth and your heart by identifying any risk factors and helping you maintain good oral health.

We want you to know that taking care of your teeth can influence your overall well-being. There is no replacement for eating right, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep, and maintaining a good oral health regimen.

If you have any questions regarding gum disease and heart problems or if either runs in your family, please give us a call.

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