Summer is Almost Here: Tips for a bright, white smile!

Have you ever noticed that everything is more attractive in the summertime? It’s a proven fact that the majority of people are happier and healthier during the summer months. Don’t let yellow teeth put a damper on your summer glow. Instead, follow these helpful tips that will boost your confidence and brighten your smile.

Follow your dentist’s advice: There is no substitute for practicing good oral hygiene daily. Neglecting your teeth at home can not only affect the color of your teeth but also open the door for infections, decay, and tooth loss. Brushing thoroughly as well as using floss and a fluoride or antimicrobial rinse will ensure your teeth and gums get the best care between visits. Buy ADA approved products and be sure to visit the dental office for your regular cleanings.

Try this simple do-it-yourself paste: Combine two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of baking soda. You’ll want to make sure to use less baking soda than peroxide so that your paste isn’t gritty. Always rinse your mouth thoroughly and use the paste in moderation. Limit use to once or twice a week because using the paste too often may break down the enamel and have the opposite of the desired effect. For an added benefit, add a drop of coconut oil, which is known for its stain-fighting properties, or peppermint leaves for minty fresh breath.

Throw away the manual brush: An electric brush can do so much more for your oral health than a manual one. It can remove up to 300% more plaque and surface stains than a regular one can. With the advances in technology, some brushes can even evaluate how you’re doing and give you valuable feedback. You will notice a difference after your first use, and over time using an electric brush will give you a sparkling white smile.

Eat a tooth-conscious diet: Consume foods that will stain your teeth like red wine, coffee, and blackberries only in moderation. Choose to eat abrasive foods, such as crunchy fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, that will actively clean your teeth. Hard cheese can help prevent plaque buildup while citrus fruits can aid in rinsing and maintaining healthy gums. When we eat healthily our whole body, including our teeth and gums, benefit.

Try whitening products: There are a variety of whitening products, including pastes, gels, and strips, on the market. To be safe, always follow the instructions. If used improperly, the products can destroy enamel, cause tooth sensitivity, and harm your gums. Because every mouth is different, one whitening method may work better for you than others.

Overall you’ll want to practice good habits and have an open dialogue with your dentist. Often dentists offer whitening services in the office so that you can use the quickest and most effective method to get a smile that shines.

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