Oh no, not the dentist!

If you or your children suffer from dental anxiety, know that you are not alone. An estimated nine to fifteen percent of Americans admit to being afraid of going to the dentist and avoid making an appointment because of this fear. So, dental anxiety can contribute to poor overall health, and the lack of dental care can cause serious medical conditions that could have been prevented.

Dental anxiety provokes a sense of fear and typically begins as anticipation of the appointment, typically before the patient arrives at the office. These fears or worries are often exaggerated.

Dental phobia shares many of the same symptoms with dental anxiety but is a much more serious manifestation. It may provoke a sense of panic or terror in people. People who suffer from dental phobias know their feelings are irrational, yet they are unable to control, stop, or change their thoughts. People who have dental phobias only go to the dentist when forced or because of intense tooth pain.

Here at All Family Dental Care our staff has been specialty trained in dental anxiety and has many techniques to help patients feel more comfortable and at ease.

We help our patients relax by making sure they understand what is involved in the exam and with any procedure they may undergo. We educate them, show them the tools and equipment we’ll use, and answer all questions before performing the procedure. We find it extremely helpful when patients know what to expect and there are no surprises.

We play music to help distract patients enough to make the appointment less stressful. Music has been proven to have a relaxing and therapeutic effect on those suffering from anxiety. We provide televisions for those who’d prefer to watch TV.

Children can be especially anxious about the dentist, and both parents and dentists play an important role in helping them have a positive experience. Use positive words when talking about the dentist. Avoid terms such as hurt or painful and avoid telling them to “be brave” because all of these imply that something scary may happen. Explain the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gums and set the tone for a positive experience.

Here at All Family Dental Care, our whole staff is not only trained to work with children but also enjoys seeing children. We work hard so that your child has a positive experience and use simple language and demonstrations to help them understand what we are doing. We strive to build a rapport and trust with all of our patients.

We understand the importance of good dental hygiene and the long-lasting effects of going without treatment. We strongly believe that dental anxiety should not be a barrier to good dental health care.

If you have any questions regarding dental anxiety or would like to discuss the matter with our staff prior to your appointment, please call us at (425) 337-1000.

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