How to Care for Your Invisalign® Aligners

Good oral hygiene is essential in keeping your Invisalign® aligners clean, clear, and odor free. Although the aligners can be easily removed for eating and drinking, failure to clean your teeth and aligners afterward can result in bacteria buildup that can cause discoloration.

Since Invisalign® aligners are a convenient and removable treatment option, taking care of your aligners is very simple.

Do not eat or drink anything (except water) while wearing Invisalign®. Food and drink may stain or discolor your aligners, so you should always remove them prior to eating and drinking.

Rinse your aligners with water when you remove them to avoid a buildup of dry saliva and plaque, which can contribute to the growth of bacteria.

After eating, we recommend that you brush and floss your teeth before reinserting the aligners. This will help prevent cavities and the buildup of bacteria on the aligners.
You can periodically clean the debris from your aligners with a soft toothbrush and water.

Do NOT use toothpaste or an abrasive brush. Both can create microabrasions that make your aligners cloudy and dull. Be gentle when brushing!

Do NOT use denture cleaner or soak them in mouthwash. These products can damage the surface of the plastic and can sometimes make the teeth look somewhat yellow.

Avoid smoking while wearing your Invisalign® aligners. This will discolor the aligners and trap those chemicals in the tray.

You won’t be able to chew gum while wearing your aligners. The sticky substance will stick to the tray and could ruin it.

A good rule of thumb is to brush and rinse your teeth and aligners whenever you have removed them for eating or drinking. Occasionally brush with a soft bristle brush and be cautious of what you are putting in your mouth while wearing the aligners because most chemicals will stain or discolor the trays.

If you have any questions about your Invisalign® aligners or their care, please contact us at (425) 337-1000.

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