Emergency Dental CareHere at All Family Dental Care, we are proud to offer emergency services for our patients in Everett, WA and the surrounding area.

It is important to be prepared in case you have a dental emergency. Although no one ever expects an emergency or even wishes for one, they do happen. Being prepared can be the difference between losing a tooth and saving it. You will want to know the phone number of a dentist in Everett, Washington just in case.

Even if we are not open, we are happy to assist you in case of an emergency. We can even point you in the direction of the nearest emergency center.

If you crack your tooth or even bite your tongue, you should always rinse your mouth with warm water. A warm compress will also help reduce the swelling. If you have something stuck in your teeth, gently use floss to get it out. You should never try to remove it with something sharp. If you have a toothache, do not place aspirin right on the tooth or gums.

You will want to make sure that you wear a mouthguard during sports to help protect your teeth. You will also want to make sure to avoid chewing hard food such as candy or ice. This will help reduce the probability of breaking a tooth.

Our entire staff understands that emergencies happen. We want to assist you as best we can. If our office is not open, you are always still welcome to contact us so that we can put you in trusted hands. If we are open, we will make sure to accommodate you so that your issue is taken care of promptly.

If you have a dental emergency in Everett, Washington, make sure that you get it taken care of right away. The longer you wait to contact a dentist the more likely the problem will become a permanent issue. Dealing with it will also end up being more costly.

To help you understand emergency services in more detail, here are some answers to FAQs.

I knocked out my tooth. HELP! What should I do?

  1. Pick up the tooth by the top and make sure to not touch the root of the tooth.
  2. Rinse the tooth off very gently to ensure that it is clean. Do not scrub the tooth or remove the roots.
  3. If you can, gently place the tooth back into the socket. If you cannot, put the tooth in a small container or cup of milk.
  4. Call your dentist right away. The sooner the dentist is able to re-implant the tooth the less chance you have of the tooth being lost permanently.

What do I do if I chip my tooth?

A cracked or fractured tooth is a serious issue. If you suffer from a fractured tooth, make sure that you call your dentist immediately and also follow these steps:

  1. Clean your mouth and gently rinse with warm water.
  2. If the chip is a result of facial trauma, apply a cold compress to the area to minimize swelling.
  3. Take acetaminophen not aspirin.
  4. Never apply a painkiller directly to the gums because it can burn the gum tissue.

What should I do if I experience facial pain?

If you experience any type of tissue injury, it is important first to clean the area immediately with warm water. If your tongue is bleeding, gently pull it forward and place pressure on the wound using gauze. You will then want to call a dentist immediately.

To alleviate the facial pain, you can take acetaminophen. You will never want to take aspirin or ibuprofen because they may cause excessive bleeding.

If you have any questions about our emergency services, we are happy to answer them and also schedule you an appointment. Contact us today at (425) 337-1000.