Cosmetic Dentist in Everett WAHere at All Family Dental Care, we are proud to offer cosmetic dentistry for our patients in Everett, WA and the surrounding area.

We are ready to give you the smile that you deserve, and we can do this with the cosmetic procedures that are available in dentistry today. The first step to getting started with the smile you want is to schedule an appointment for a thorough examination and X-rays. We will check the health of your teeth, their color, and their alignment to determine what we can do to give you the results that you’re looking for. We will then provide recommendations and provide a list of options that you can choose from in order to improve your smile.

Some of the most common cosmetic procedures that we offer include:

Our primary goal is to give you a beautiful, white smile with teeth that line up perfectly and are aesthetically pleasing. We can help you fix your primary dental complaints, with solutions for yellowing or stained teeth, missing teeth, a receding gum line, and tooth misalignment.

After our cosmetic dentist works with you, you will want to schedule some time for yourself to recover. The length of recovery will depend which treatment plan you choose, how many treatments you have planned, and a few other factors such as your age. At the time of your cosmetic dental appointment, we will provide a full list of expectations for your recovery process.

We will do everything that we can to make sure that your procedure is as painless as possible. We also carry local anesthesia to help numb the areas on which we will be working. If you are feeling very nervous or worried, we can also provide sedation to relax you during your procedure.

Which insurance company you use and what coverage you have will determine how much of your procedure will be covered. We are happy to contact your insurance company prior to your treatment or appointment so that you will know exactly how much will be covered. We will send your claims to the insurance company right away so that the company will pay quickly as well. We want to make the process as easy and cost effective as possible for you.

Our entire staff is dedicated to helping you feel happy and confident with your smile. We understand that your smile is typically the first thing people notice about you when they meet you, and you want to make a great first impression. We will do everything we can to accommodate you during your cosmetic procedures.

If you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry in Everett, WA we are happy to answer any questions and schedule an appointment for you. Contact us today at (425) 337-1000.