Celebrate Labor Day by Getting Away

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a day set aside to honor the American workers and the contributions they have made to this country. For many, the holiday is a great time to relax with family and friends. For others, they’ll celebrate by packing up and heading out of town.

If you’re dreaming of a Labor Day escape but not sure where to go or what do, All Family Dental Care would like to inspire you with these ideas:

Escape to a BBQ Haven: We suggest trying one of the country’s BBQ capitals. U.S. News and World Report names Memphis as the top BBQ destination with more than 80 BBQ restaurants in the city. Other notable places include Kansas City, Texas and the Carolinas. Each area has its own flavor of barbecue so we recommend doing your homework first. For those staying in this year, try hosting a potluck BBQ, inviting friends and family.

Be a Beach Bum: Take a trip to one of the coasts or to a lakeside beach and end your beach days with a bang. Many people see Labor Day as the unofficial start of fall and the end of lazy days at the beach. Make it magical by finding a city or town that celebrates the occasion with a fireworks display over the water. Can’t make the beach happen this year? Spend the day lounging by the pool or splashing with the kids at a water park.

Explore a National Park: It’s only fitting to experience the beauty of America’s landscapes on this national holiday. National Parks can provide a relaxing and scenic escape and a boost from the fresh air and physical exercise. Whether you spend a day or a week, you are sure to reap the many benefits of spending time in nature. If a National Park is too far to travel, check out some hiking trails or natural landmarks in your local area and ask friends or family to tag along.

Have a Staycation: If traveling isn’t in the cards this year, don’t be bummed. Instead, plan a staycation. There are no rules except do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Make yourself a promise not to do chores or run errands. You can check out local attractions or landmarks that you never got around to usually, experience a new venue or even book a room at a local hotel or bed and breakfast. When it doubt, plan a ladies’ or guys’ night out.

Here at All Family Dental Care, we applaud your hard work and hope you have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day.

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