Caring for Your Smile While Wearing Invisalign®

You have probably noticed that taking care of your teeth is a little bit different than it was prior to wearing invisalign®. Although it is not completely different, there are various steps to take to ensure your teeth are still getting the care they need. After all, you don’t want the first thing you need when you no longer need invisalign® to be a filling. If you care for your teeth correctly, within a year you will have beautiful, straight teeth and your smile will be glowing!

Although you cannot brush your teeth while wearing invisalign® aligners, they are easily removable. Brushing your teeth is still an extremely important part of your daily routine, so make sure that you do not neglect your mouth. You also should continue flossing once per day.

One step you must add to your regular routine while you are wearing invisalign® is cleaning your aligners. The trays can become dirty in your mouth, so you should make sure to clean them on a regular basis. This is easily done by using water and toothpaste just as you would to clean your teeth, but instead you clean your trays. When you get invisalign®, you should receive a cleaning kit. If you do not, make sure to ask your orthodontist.

We also recommend that you make sure to store your aligners in a proper case so that you do not lose them. Losing them will only slow down the straightening process, and of course may cost you more money.

If you have any questions regarding caring for your teeth while using Invisalign®, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to answer all of your questions!

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