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Tooth Discoloration: Causes and Solutions

Everyone wants a beautiful white smile. Not only is it associated with good health, teeth that are white are also beautiful and increase anyone’s attractiveness. Tooth discoloration can occur for a variety of reasons. Understanding these can help you find the solution so you can regain your beautiful smile once more. Extrinsic Staining Extrinsic staining […]

What Bruxism Is And How It Can Hurt Your Teeth?

Bruxism is the conscious or unconscious grinding of the teeth. It is a common problem among children, who usually eventually grow out of it as they get older. With that being said, adults can experience teeth grinding or bruxism as well. Often, it comes in waves that may correspond with periods of added life stress, […]

Root Canal Myths Revealed

Learn about root canal myths and why believing in these myths potentially worsens your oral health as well as your overall health. Several myths about root canals sometimes lead to fear about root canal procedures. Learn about these myths, why they are not true and the risks of letting myths keep you from getting one. […]

Dreading Braces? Invisalign May Be The Answer!

Children and teenagers that require braces and other orthodontic devices often dread the very thought of it. One solution is the Invisalign program that fixes crooked teeth without unsightly wires causing metal smiles. Today’s braces are nothing like the past hardware that closely resembled medieval torture devices! Invisalign is known for their invisible equipment and […]

5 Ways to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Your teeth are important, and you want them to be healthy and look good. If you take care of your teeth and the rest of your mouth, you can reduce the chances of painful problems like cavities, abscesses, gingivitis, and other issues. But not everyone knows how to take care of their teeth the right […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bleeding Gums

Dental hygiene is very important and sadly, often not performed up to the standard it should be. From lack of proper brushing and flossing, many people will experience bleeding gums. More often than not, getting back to the basics with dental hygiene can help improve the bleeding. Sometimes though, bleeding gums can be an indicator […]

How to Select Your Dentist

There are a few essential tips that you’ll want to remember when selecting who your dentist will be. You don’t want to wait until an emergency situation arises to see your dentist for the first time. It is important to establish care as soon as possible. Perhaps you’ve had the same dentist for years, but […]

Teeth Whitening: How to Do It at Home

Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, is an increasingly popular and prevalent dental procedure that takes an important place in cosmetic dentistry. With time, adult teeth experience change in color because of changes in mineral structure, eating habits, tobacco, dark colored beverages, and more. In addition to food choices, some medications can also cause […]

How to Develop A Consistent Oral Care Routine For Children

It is important to help your child understand the importance of a consistent oral care routine. If a routine is established early on in their lives, it will be second nature for them for years to come. It isn’t always fun going to visit the dentist, but you and your child can have a much […]

What Exactly Is Periodontal (Gum) Disease?

Many people have heard of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, however they do not know the exact cause or how to treat it. Most adults in the United States will have some form of periodontal disease in their lifetime. Keep reading to find out exactly what periodontal disease is and how you can […]