Image0234Aphthous ulcers and lesions are painful sores that can occur anywhere in the mouth or on the lips. There are many forms, including everything from mild cases that go away on their own after a few days to major ones that can last for several months. Herpetiform ulcers, though not connected to the herpes virus, can last several months also.

The reason people get aphthous ulcers is not known. Some people seem to get them when they are stressed, but many get them following a mouth injury. Whether you get hit in the face or bite your lip accidentally, ulcers can form. There are certain medications and diseases that seem to cause ulcers such as certain anti-inflammatories, Crohn’s disease, HIV, and many others.

We don’t usually have to treat ulcers because they go away on their own. You should try to avoid spicy foods and may want to drink from a straw to help avoid irritation. If your pain is really bad, there are medications that you can take to try to help ease the pain. There are mouthwashes, gels, and other medications to help with the pain.

Since most of these medications are available over the counter, most dentists don’t see patients for aphthous ulcers. However, if your ulcer has lasted more than a few weeks or reoccurs right away, you should schedule an appointment with us.

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