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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bleeding Gums

Dental hygiene is very important and sadly, often not performed up to the standard it should be. From lack of proper brushing and flossing, many people will experience bleeding gums. More often than not, getting back to the basics with dental hygiene can help improve the bleeding. Sometimes though, bleeding gums can be an indicator […]

How to Select Your Dentist

There are a few essential tips that you’ll want to remember when selecting who your dentist will be. You don’t want to wait until an emergency situation arises to see your dentist for the first time. It is important to establish care as soon as possible. Perhaps you’ve had the same dentist for years, but […]

Teeth Whitening: How to Do It at Home

Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, is an increasingly popular and prevalent dental procedure that takes an important place in cosmetic dentistry. With time, adult teeth experience change in color because of changes in mineral structure, eating habits, tobacco, dark colored beverages, and more. In addition to food choices, some medications can also cause […]

How to Develop A Consistent Oral Care Routine For Children

It is important to help your child understand the importance of a consistent oral care routine. If a routine is established early on in their lives, it will be second nature for them for years to come. It isn’t always fun going to visit the dentist, but you and your child can have a much […]

What Exactly Is Periodontal (Gum) Disease?

Many people have heard of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, however they do not know the exact cause or how to treat it. Most adults in the United States will have some form of periodontal disease in their lifetime. Keep reading to find out exactly what periodontal disease is and how you can […]

The Clear Benefits of Invisalign®

When you think of a beautiful smile, what comes to mind? Likely you pictured sparkling white teeth as well as straight teeth. Having straight teeth is a sure way to have not only great-looking teeth but also a beautiful smile. One of the best ways to get straight teeth is Invisalign®. Keep reading to find […]

Memorial Day and Getting Ready for Summer

Memorial Day reminds us of picnics, barbecues, and soaking up the rays poolside. Some of us will use this as time of leisure, soaking up the sunlight with friends and family or vacationing for a change of scenery while making new memories. However you spend the holiday, we want you to be safe, have fun, […]

You broke your tooth; now what?

Teeth are incredibly strong, but they can chip, fracture, or break. This can happen by biting down on something hard, being hit in the face or mouth, falling, getting cavities that weaken the tooth or old fillings that don’t support the enamel of the tooth. You may not always feel pain when a tooth chips […]

What’s the best dental floss?

We have all heard from our moms and our dentists that it is important to floss daily. In 2008 a survey sponsored by the American Dental Association stated that only half of American adults claim to floss at least once a day, and one in 10 say they never floss. Flossing is an extremely important […]

My teeth don’t line up any more. Why?

You might find yourself confused if your teeth aren’t lining up like they used to. If you think this might be happening, you’re likely not imagining it. It is possible for teeth to move, rotate, and shift. Even if your teeth were initially straight, as years pass they can begin to move into crooked positions […]